Элчин сайд Д.Ганхуяг 7 дугаар сарын 21-ний өдөр БНХАУ-ын Гадаад хэргийн яамнаас зохион байгуулж буй ӨМӨЗО-ныг гадаадад сурталчлах арга хэмжээнд оролцож, үг хэлэв.

2017.07.21 OMOZO surtalchlah arga hemjee

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Your Excellency Wang Yi,

Your Excellency Li Jiheng,

Your Excellency Bu Xiaolin,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all of you. Let me offer my warm congratulations to Your Excellency Mr.Wang Yi for your hosting and inviting me to attend this event –An Open China: Magnificent Inner Mongolia Greets the World.

A month ago I had a visit to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, had a bilateral talks with the leaders of the region and visited some cultural, historical and tourist places. I can say that Inner Mongolia is really magnificent.

I noticed that the development of Inner Mongolia is being applauded not only in China but also in the World. I wish to underline some of them: unique tourist attractions, protection of the environment and fight against desertification, smart solutions of modern urban development, production of organic goods, and clean renewable energy.  They could be promising sources of the future development of Inner Mongolia and we see it as a great potential for expanding our cooperation.

Of course, Inner Mongolia has many favorable conditions for development and distinctive competitive advantages. In particular, China’s continuous and rapid development over the years provides an invaluable opportunity, and constant source of strength. I am sure that the people of Inner Mongolia will enjoy brighter development prospects and live better lives while contributing their share to China’s overall development.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of the main priorities of Mongolian foreign policy is developing of comprehensive strategic partnership with China and in the framework of this policy we aim to strengthen our cooperation and exchanges in all spheres including political, economic and humanitarian field.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous region serves as a bridge of cooperation between Mongolia and China. As ethnic Mongolians live in the region, we share many similarities of culture, traditions and the way of life.

We have the following advantages: Common border with a lengths of 3200 km, in which 9 border points, agriculture and livestock husbandry with vast experience, nomadic culture and traditions, transportation and infrastructure connecting with Russia and Europe.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am confident that the Belt and Road Initiative championed by President Xi Jinping will become a successful example of setting and strengthening true connectivity among countries.

As one of the six economic corridors within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor is a move to combine the Belt and Road Initiative, Russia’s Transcontinental Rail Plan, and Mongolia’s Development Road Initiative by providing a cross-regional cooperation site for the common interests. It could bring enormous opportunities for broader cooperation in line with the global development trends.

Recently the Memorandum of Understanding to coordinate Mongolia’s “Development Road” initiative with the “Belt and Road” initiative was signed and we are working to implement it.

Finally, on the occasion 70 years of its anniversary, may I convey my good wishes and congratulations to the people of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

I wish to salute again the people of Inner Mongolia on their development achievements attained last 7 decades.

Thank you for your attention.